Healthy lifestyle

Do you find it difficult to be healthy? It feels like you have to think about everything but you don't have the time. And to be healthy I also mean healthy on the inside. A lot of us thinks that healthy is just working out and eating right but it is also wellness. How we …

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Waiting for that perfect moment

Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing and then continued to wait until the perfect day to wear this new garment but that day never arrived? It seems like we have this idea that it has to be just right, be just perfect. Does it ever get perfect or is it an excuse for …

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We all have fears. Fear about what people think about us. Fear about doing something we never done before. It's normal to have fears. Without fears we wouldn't have survived  a long time ago. A lot of us are so worried what people might think if we do something that is different or if we …

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