Following dreams

I have always had BIG dreams. I was the typical day dreamer. But told myself that no, it’s nothing for me. I wish I could do it but nah… I’m not that kind of person. I kept saying that to myself even. Its really about mindset. Since I was saying that to myself everytime I had a dream of course I didn’t make it. I listened to everyone around me who told me that it’s impossible. How can you do that? You don’t have much money? Live in reality instead of dreaming so much.

But you know what?

I stopped listening to those voices. There is so much more you can do no matter where you are in life. It all started with “The Secret”. I’m sure you have heard about that book. That was completely new to me. Is my life the way it is because of how I think?? WOW, that was big for me to read something like that. So I read that book and actually started to change the way I was thinking. And you know what. I have travelled, living a good life AND most importantly. I could take a trip to New York with my son and make his dream come true. That was the best feeling and it showed me that what you think is what you get. I made up my mind that I was going to take him there and so I did. So think about what it is that you’re telling yourself.  Be nice to yourself and you can do what ever you want and become what ever you want. It all starts in your mind.

So start by training yourself about how you think. Where are you now and how was your thoughts that got you where you are today?



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