Taking action


You might have a lot of dreams and ideas but to take action and really go through with them can be harder. Jumping on one thing after another but is not getting closer to what you want. Why is that? You know exactly what it is that you want but you just don’t get motivated enough to do what it takes. It can be anything. You want to run more but you can’t. The business you’re running isn’t moving forward. Feeling angry at your family and you just can’t relax and be nice to the people around you. So what ever it is, it stops you from taking action.


Have you ever stopped and thought about what it is that is going on inside you? What your thoughts are? You can’t change circumstances around you. And you can’t change other people or what ever happened to you in the past. But you can change how you think. Your thoughts become feelings that will get you to react in a certain way. Think about it for a while. When you wake up in the morning, and you look outside the window and you see that it’s raining outside. If your first thought is, typical. The negative energy will appear because you just hate rain. By accident you spill some coffee and you feel more frustrated. You get out to the car and there’s a traffic jam and you think WHY is this happening to me now. You are full of bad energy. And the thoughts you just had created bad feelings. Try to think about what you are thinking about right now. Observe yourself.


If you truly want to change and you want to get closer to reaching your goals you must learn about your thoughts. If you don’t understand that, it can be tough. Let’s say you want to be more healthy. You exercise, eat healthier for a week and then just stops. You go back to your old way again. In a few weeks you try again. I think a lot of people can relate to this. BUT what if you were told you have diabetes. Then suddenly you start to change the way you eat and you start to exercise more. Maybe not like an elite but you might take more walks and suddenly you are out running. What do you think happened? You changed your mindset, your thinking. And thanks to changing the way you think you changed your life. So try to connect with your thoughts. Small steps every day. When you’re feeling frustrated, try to see what it is that is going on in your head at the moment. Your thoughts create a pattern. If you do this every day, you will start to see small changes.

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