Waiting for that perfect moment

Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing and then continued to wait until the perfect day to wear this new garment but that day never arrived? It seems like we have this idea that it has to be just right, be just perfect. Does it ever get perfect or is it an excuse for something else? Are we missing out on something when we are waiting for it? I think that when we are waiting for perfection we are missing out on so much. Take that piece of garment for example. Its kind of sad that its just hanging there in the closet and isn’t being used. I know I have done that so many times. Still have garments that I haven’t used because now I’m waiting for my body to be perfect. Have to admit that I have done a lot of waiting over the years. And because of that I know that I have missed out on a lot. Or you see someone else doing what you were waiting for and it’s to late for you what you wanted. That can be frustrating. It can be a job you wanted to go after, a prospect you wanted to contact, a man/woman you had feelings for and wanted to call.

Let’s go after imperfect

Let’s go looking for imperfect and start living TODAY. Take out that piece of garment that you haven’t been using and take it on and be your beautiful self. Today is the day to do something that we haven’t done because we been waiting for the perfect moment. No more waiting. Time to challenge ourselves and live in the moment. We are all guilty of trying to find perfection, but there is such beauty in pursuing perfectly imperfect moments. And you have to admit, imperfect can sometimes be so much fun and lead to something great.

What will you do TODAY that you have been putting off for perfection?



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