Yoga, Meditation and Essential Oils


Today we live in a world where we need to learn how to relax and take care of our mind just as well as our body. For a lot of people it is hard to focus because there is to much going on inside our head. I used to have that problem where I had to many thoughts in my head that I forgot what I was thinking in the first place. I know that everyone kept telling me that meditation is good for you but I didn’t really get it until I started looking into it. Meditation is helping you with focus and increase your mental health. It will help you feel more balanced. If you’re using Essential Oils when you are doing your meditation it will actually help you to enhance the benefits of meditation.

I want people to be able to relax and feel great

I love using the oils when I’m doing my meditation. And I wish everyone knew how good it feels. The oils has both therapeutic and medicinal benefits as well. But I don’t use just any oils I choose oils that are grown in the environment they are meant to be grown in to make sure they got good quality.

When I have talked to yoga people about meditation and essential oils I started to really understand how good yoga and oils work together as well. Hmm okay, now you might think “Of course, I already knew that”. I didn’t because I wasn’t in the yoga world. Now I am though 🙂 I have even started to work together with yoga instructors. They have the knowledge about Yoga and I have the knowledge about the oils. So I learned this:

5 Reasons dōTERRA® Essential Oils will improve your yoga practice:

1.) Stimulates your mind
2.) Reduces stress
3.) Purifies the air
4.) Promotes effective prana
5.) Enhances energy flow

And for fun – the sixth reason that Essential Oils will improve your yoga practice is…

6.) The combination of Essential Oils and Yoga is the ULTIMATE vitality synergy!

Now you can join me on Facebook so you can experience all 6 of these benefits and so much more! I’m going to have a FREE Facebook Class Monday, July 3rd at 8pm CEST  and you are welcome to join.

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