The Law Of Vibration — You Get What You Put Out

-In all that we do, in all that we learn, let's not forget our responsibility to help other people-.png

Most people are aware of the physical laws of our universe including vibration. You get what you put out!

I want to challenge you today. Make your entire focus about exuding the energy that you want to attract into your life. If you want laughter and happiness, CREATE IT through your actions. If you want compassion, go out and be compassionate to the people around you. If you want to be understood, be understanding of other people. Look at their lives and put yourself in their shoes. Give away what you want today and pay very close attention as to how this attitude acts like a mirror.

 You will be amazed at the results you begin to produce.

Today I also want to share with you a clip from Todays Show when they showed the Wellness Band that I’m using. It was pretty cool to see it on there. I know that it has done a lot for me already and I really want the word to get out about it because it is amazing.

7 thoughts on “The Law Of Vibration — You Get What You Put Out

      1. Abhijith Padmakumar

        You are welcome 😊. Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. Please continue blogging and inspire people around you 😊. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog


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