Understanding What Gives Your Life Meaning

First things first. Take a few minutes to really contemplate this question… "Does your life have meaning?"
Some people are totally in touch with what's
important and their lives have so much meaning and abundance. The majority of people, unfortunately, have lost touch with this part of themselves.

Their lives lack meaning.

They have forgotten about the things that are most important in favor of the things they "have" to do.
They spend more time surfing the web and watching TV than they do in true connection with loved ones.

Spend some time today to think about the 3 aspects that have been brought up in this quote:

1. Do you express your love for the people who love you?
2. Do you take time to immerse yourself in your community?
3. Are you creating something that makes you come alive and gives you that meaning we have been talking about?
Be honest with yourself. You might identify some immediate opportunities to bring the meaning back into your life!

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