Focus On The Inner Health


It’s August and School is about to start soon for a lot of kids. A lot of stores are showing new clothes, new bags, new shoes to get to the kids. But I don’t see that much about their inner health. There are a lot of kids out there who can’t afford new things. Kids who hasn’t done much over the summer because there wasn’t enough money to go anywhere. As a single mom I understand how they feel. I have been there. Feeling stressed about what my son could say to the class when he came back to school and the teacher wanted them to talk about what they done over the summer or over the Holiday.

After seeing a lot of those ads I wanted to write about inner health instead that will make the kids healthy inside and out. First thing is a book that I thought was awesome for my son. And that was Teen Power. It was a lot like The Secret, made you see things in a more positive way understanding that your thoughts creates your feelings. He even got curious about a book I had at home by Les Brown after that. So I found it in his bed sometimes.

Thoughts are not the only thing that’s important

Nutrition is also one thing. Start now by giving them nutritious food and vitamins. That will help them with everything like early mornings to homework, and the long days. Nutrition and exercise will help a long way. It will also strengthen their immune system, and we all know how tough THAT can be when school starts. That was a lot of days home with my son. We also get to much sugar in our system. There is sugar in everything. Do your best to avoid it. Learn more about sugar and how to find products that doesn’t have sugar in it. It takes some time to learn what to look for and you will be surprised about how many products that you think are healthy but has a lot of sugar in it.

I also use pure Essential Oils, they can make wonder for someone who is stressed or can’t sleep. I use Motivate before going to school and Lavender before going to sleep. And talking about sleep, one thing we easily forget is that our kids needs  to sleep. A good night sleep will help them with the focus and of course good sleep is also great for your immune system. Last thing I’m thinking about is digestion and immune system. The immune system works with the digestive tract to help to protecting from infection by potential invaders.  So take care of the digestive system and the immune system will get stronger. For that I’m also using Essential Oils on my son (and me of course) and that is Digestzen.

I hope this blog post will inspire you to think about more than new clothes and bags for your kids, and instead focus on the inside. I will also give you a free Ebook Essential Oils For Beginners that you can download and learn more about natural support. Now this month I will focus on kids and school start on My Facebook Page where I will post tips and ideas to give your kids a great school start.

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