It’s All About Mindset


Since I was little I always told myself that there was a lot of things I couldn’t do. I did try things though so it didn’t stop me from trying new things, it was just that I always said I can’t do it or I’m not good at it. My parents believed in me and said I can do anything I want, so it didn’t come from them. I think it was the mentality where I lived. If you heard someone say that they were good at something they were bragging. But if they said they couldn’t do something they were okay.  And if you ever said you were going to get rich one day they laughed. Even today I meet that kind of mindset. Instead of saying of course you will if you put your mind to it they laugh and say… yeah right. When you grow up and hear it all the time of course you will believe that you can’t do everything you want or you’re not worthy of doing it. You will live a life thinking that good things just happens to other people. You see rich people enjoying their life and you think that that’s just a dream life and nothing you will ever have.

Looking back I can see what the wrong mindset has done.

Now when I’m older and looking back at my life I can see that my mindset followed me even into my love life. I wasn’t really in love with the guys I dated or in a relationship with. I just settled because it felt good and I can’t get better than that. Not going to say that it was something wrong with all of them but they just didn’t get me to believe in myself. Instead I did a lot to please them and their needs instead of listening to what I needed. I wasn’t standing up for myself. Maybe they are perfect for other women but for me I can see now that I lost a lot of myself.

It’s hard to believe in yourself when you keep thinking that you have to settle with what you have.

When it came to work I did the same, I settled because I thought I couldn’t get anything better. I remember one place where they even told me that my colleagues get a higher bonus because I’m just a receptionist. And they were handing out the bonus when I was standing next to them. And what did that tell me? Oh okay, of course because they are better than me, I’m just a receptionist.

My mindset changed my life

A couple of years ago I started reading “The Secret” and was like WOW, is that how you should see things??? So I started to work on the way I thought, even writing down what I wanted in life. That way I grew stronger. I later worked with someone who had the positive mindset, he made me think… What if I started doing what I want and went after it? So I started by kicking out one man out of my life because he was really treating me bad. He made me feel as if I don’t deserve much and I was just something to have on the side. He was playing a lot of mind games with me that made me stay in his life for years. But now enough was enough, I’m better than that. It wasn’t easy but I did it and it made me a lot stronger. After that I surrounded myself with only positive people. I stopped being around people who just said bad things about other people and didn’t do much with their lives. I decided to be around people who wanted to help each other instead. And after that I grew even stronger with a mindset saying that I do deserve more. I can do what I want. So I looked for the job I wanted and I GOT IT! And what I’m showing my son is that you can do what you want, you can get what you want, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Mindset is so important, what you tell yourself, what you tell other people and how you act. I’m SO happy I changed my mindset and don’t let anyone walk all over me ever again. I’m more confident now than I have ever been before. So mindset is the key to everything.


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