My little helper

I’ve been having this wristband for awhile and I like it a lot now. Have to admit that in the beginning I was like… WHAT HAVE I DONE??? What did I think about when I got this. But the more I learned the more I liked. So the other night I tried the SOS button. You can have up to 3 contacts who gets a text when you are in trouble. I just have one at the moment. Of course I had to prepare my mom for it so she wouldn’t get super worried and get in trouble herself. Guess what? The SOS button was awesome. Sent her a message saying Jill need your help and showing on a map exactly where I was. How cool is that?

Today we live in a world where we are very stressed and getting more sick.

That something so little can check up on you is truly amazing. If someone would have said to you 20 years ago that you will wear something that will show you how you feel, what would you have said? And thinking about it all these things we have around us shows us what man can do using our imagination. You can do anything you want. The world look the way it does because we created it.

Last night I tried a scanner. It scanned the palm of my hand to tell me how I’m doing and if I need to eat supplements. My mom borrowed from the hospital a little bar that could check her heart when it was beating fast. She just held it and later they could read the results in the hospital.

So what I want to say is, follow your dreams. Nothing is impossible. If you think about all the things you have around you, you have to understand that someone thought about it to create it. When other people said it was impossible and maybe didn’t believe in them they kept going and that’s why we have things that can help us with our health and safety. So believe in you.

If you want to know more about the wristband you can look at this video

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