Forgiveness and Mindset


I know that thoughts creates feelings. Didn’t really understand it though until not that long time ago. What you think right now creates how you feel right now in this moment. Have to admit that I was one of those screaming at other people while driving. Why do the other drivers want to get me mad and drive like crazy? If someone said something and laughed and I couldn’t hear it I was so sure it was something about me.

Something happened today that made me see it even more.

I had left my car to get some work done on it. I know the man working there because I have left my car there so many times. He told me how much it would cost and I said great, call me if it will cost more. He didn’t call and I went to get my car. And it was double the amount that he told me. First I got mad (yes I can get mad even though I’m positive). Then he explained that well you couldn’t go anywhere with the car if I hadn’t fixed those other things. Deep inside I know he was right. Of course I couldn’t. So I had two choices, argue about it or think wow I’m a rockstar and he is fixing things before I even have to say anything.  The thing is the amount was a lot less then it would have been if you left it to someone else. So I decided to be grateful. I got the work done for a cheap price. My thoughts was first, SO just because I’m a woman you want to trick me????? But I changed my thinking and thought that was nice. Since it was the brakes it is pretty serious and who knows what could have happened. And right away my feelings changed.

Forgiving people who hurt us isn’t just as easy.

But you can. I have forgiven someone who has hurt me in a terrible way. Was it easy? No. I know now that when he hurt me I was thinking that he hates me. I even said to him that he see me as trash and not worthy. That used to get me so mad. I often got into arguments with him because of it. We got nowhere. Now I see him as someone who is insecure and not mature to get what he wants. I feel more sorry for him. And doing that I changed my feelings to feeling amazing. So what if he doesn’t want me, there are other men out there.

So thoughts do create feelings.

Think about it next time when you are feeling annoyed or angry. What are you thinking in that moment. When you’re feeling happy, what are the thoughts you had that made you smile. When you get that you will feel so in control and you will love it. I don’t let small things bother me anymore. Yes of course I can have moments feeling upset but I don’t let it last because I change my thoughts when there is a feeling inside me that I don’t like.

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