I was always the one looking at other people living their dreams thinking that I will never do that. Then I had a son and I was sure it would be even more impossible to do things as a single mom. It’s so easy to see things like that and just give up.

Your brain is programmed to be negative

Thats’s just to protect you. But you can work on it and see things in a positive way instead. It’s not easy and you have to practice every day.

Your thoughts creates feelings

Now when I look at successful people Im thinking that I can be just as successful. Instead of feeling jealous Im telling myself wow that can be me. Today Im so grateful because I have changed my thinking and doing a journey I never thought I would do. And Im doing it myself, I dont need someone else to do what I dream about. My biggest why is my son. I want him to see that you can be successful even if you’re alone because its all about mindset.

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