Are you thinking to small?

02-Cheerful2I don’t know about you but I have always looked at other successful people thinking that I can never be like them. That’s pretty much when it came to everything. I remember my best friend when I was younger, she was hot. I mean hot as in every guy turned when they saw her. She was fit and I was chubby.  I remember she always told me that maybe if I started flirting like she did guys would be more interested. Since I didn’t feel good about myself I didn’t even look at guys because I was sure they wouldn’t like me anyway. Being a teenager isn’t easy.  I even had a guy telling me that he loved me and my answer was.. aaawwwww you’re so sweet. Hmm like that is something that someone wants to hear. But I just didn’t get it because I wasn’t feeling good about the way I looked. (So if you’re reading this and it was you, I AM SO SORRY). Then you meet successful people in business. And when you talk to them you can almost hear in the way they talk how successful they are. And I felt like I lost words, I just couldn’t find the right words. They were so much better than me.

So why is that?

When you keep saying to yourself that you’re less than someone else because they made it, it will be more difficult to get anywhere. Have you ever found yourself wanting to do something but you just stop because there is something holding you back? It can actually be those thoughts that you had earlier in life. And why did you have them? Think about the resistance you have when you want to do something and then go back to when it all started. It is pretty interesting when you do so and you will learn a lot about yourself. When you think about when you first had that feeling you can now think about it rationally. I know exactly what triggered those thoughts for me and it didn’t help by surrounding yourself with people who has the same thoughts. People who rather feel sorry for themselves then do something about their situation.

You have to think big

So start thinking big. And when you know what’s holding you back you can actually reach your goals. You can do so much more than you think. Look for your strength and be realistic about your weaknesses. Oh and when it comes to my best friend I had growing up. I know now that I should have listened to her more. So Jenny if you read this, you were right. Because she was a dreamer and didn’t care what other people said. If she wanted something she went after it. And today I think she is pretty successful. At least I think she is living the life she wants. Unfortunately we stopped hanging out and I started hanging out with people with a completely different mindset but that’s another story.

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