Kids and emotions


I read this article today that was written by a 13 year old girl. She was writing about the kids in her school and how many kids are depressed. And just a day earlier my sons mentor told me that there are so many kids in school who are depressed. There was an incident with my son when he had to go and talk to a professional. He just had to go once so they could see that he was doing well. Why? Because they get kids that are not doing good at all. How is that?

All you hear is bad news

When you turn on the TV or read the news you just hear negative things. Maybe one positive but the rest is negative. You go to work and people are complaining about the tiniest thing. I heard one man complaining because the train was ONE minute late. How often do you hear someone say something great about someone? They usually say something when its something bad. No wonder kids are depressed. When someone is positive you can hear that they are to much to handle. What is wrong with that person?

What would happen if you turned off the TV?

What would happen to our mindset if we stopped watching the news? If we started following our dreams instead of watching TV? Have you ever thought about how much time you really spend in front of it? Today technology is taking away your focus. Even when you’re with your family the focus is more on technology.

Yoga and meditation

Last night I went to a yoga class. It was a chakra yoga class and the focus was on the heart. I was there to share my oils in the class to give them a even better feeling when they were doing the yoga. In the class and during the meditation it hit me. This feels SO good. I could literally feel the good energy in the room. What if we all at least did some meditation? I was thinking about something the yoga teacher said when we held our hands together. She said that we should focus on what we wanted and see it in our hands and after a while we put our hands on our heart to bring that energy in to our heart. How would the world be if we all practiced Gratitude and did some meditation? And taught our kids how to do the same? I don’t think there would be so much anger as it is now.

Kids don’t do what you say, they do what you do

I have to admit, I was one of those angry persons. Not that you could see (I’m known for always smiling and being happy) it but there was so much going on in my life and I was surrounding myself with negative people that I complained a lot. I could talk back and get so mad easily at my family. Felt sometimes as the world was against me. When my son got older I could tell that he was complaining too. And when he got mad, he got just as mad as me. He also had a lot going on with kids bullying him, teachers not being so nice and a dad that was just on and off. So I knew something had to change. I started doing some meditation, changed my mindset and stopped complaining. I also took away those negative people I had around me. And I came across Essential Oils. I used them for our mood, to sleep better, to feel great and for our immune support. I can say that my son is doing so much better. I even caught him reading my book by Les Brown, because he wanted to see what I was reading. I’m making sure he listen to a motivational speaker every day and he is more confidant now. And he is not going to the school where they had bad teachers anymore. Now he is in a school where they seen a lot of progress in him. So what I want to say is, if you change your kids will change. And you will feel amazing as well.

I will share with you the book Emotional Benefits of Aromatherapy for free. Maybe it will help you just as it helped us.



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