From Caterpillar into a Butterfly


In Las Vegas I was listening to an amazing woman Tiffaney Malott and she was talking about being a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Do you look at other people thinking that they are so beautiful and so successful and you’re just staying the same? Crawling around like a caterpillar and the others are flying around like butterflies. When she mentioned that I really could understand what she was saying because that’s how I felt and to be honest still feels sometimes. And a caterpillar is going through some stages before they turn into a butterfly. It’s really important what they eat. And it’s the same for us, it’s important what we consume. Who are we having around us? Do they lift us up or just bring us down?

The pupa stage

It’s a pretty cool stage. As soon as the caterpillar is done growing they turn themselves into a pupa. If you’re looking at it you might think that there is nothing going on, but it is. Inside it is changing. The same with us, you might not see it on the outside what happens but on the inside a lot is happening. You might feel that you are going through a lot of changes and still hear people wonder why nothing is happening. That can be kind of frustrating, especially when family is saying that to you. It might not show on the outside but that’s okay as long as you know whats happening and have control over it.

The final

You are finally turning into that butterfly. You have learned a lot, going through a big personal growth and here you are so the world can see you as a beautiful butterfly. Don’t be afraid of changes because if you start looking where it will take you it will be all worth it. You are never going to have sight, you will have vision. Never speak of doubt, you will speak word of victory. No longer will you be the one on the ground looking up. So don’t let people say that you’re not getting anywhere when you’re working hard and following roads that they don’t understand. Because you will be a beautiful butterfly.

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