The joy in a smile

I think that you have noticed what a smile can do. If you meet a stranger and they smile at you when you’re having a bad day you kind of feel pretty warm inside. Okay, not talking about a creepy kind of smile, I mean a genuine nice smile where they smile with their eyes. Especially when you’re working with people smiling is important. First of all you will feel a lot happier, and a smile can actually reduce stress. And smiling to someone else makes them feel great too.

“Always keep your smile. That’s how I explain my long life”

– Jeanne Calment

Did you know that smiling can even boost your immune system! Now that is pretty cool. But if you think about it, when you’re sick. Let’s say you got the flu, don’t you feel better when you laugh or hear something positive? If you’re hurting and just hear negative things and you’re being negative yourself, you feel worse. I once heard about someone who got cured by laughing. I can’t say what the illness was but it was pretty serious. He locked himself in and kept watching comedies, and he felt a lot better. So the smile can be pure medicine. Of course you shouldn’t stop eating medicine but you know what I mean.

Smiling makes the world better because it’s contagious. You make someone’s day brighter and you give some positive energy to where you are. The more you smile the more effective you are at breaking the brain’s natural habit to think negatively. That means you will get more of the positive patterns. People will also see you as more trustworthy and find you more attractive if you smile.

So go out there and smile 🙂

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