A New Year


This year is almost over. How was this year for you? Did you reach your goals? I actually made a vision board and I actually made a lot of things I had on there happen. This is the year I have seen the strength I have. The other day I was talking to someone about taking away the bad energy in your life. About stop being around those people who just drag you down and how I erased them from my life. He liked it but thought I was brave. Maybe it is so, maybe you have to be brave to do something like that. To say no to people who just don’t help you reach your goals. I ended one “relationship” that was really bad for me. You know that kind where you sit there talking to the person but wishing you were somewhere else. That kind of person who doesn’t care at all about you, they just want you to feel sorry for them. For years I been struggling to get out of that “relationship”, and this year I finally had enough and ended it. So no it’s not easy but you can do it. And after you done it, you will feel amazing.

Trips I never thought was possible.

I made two trips I said I would never do because how can someone like me, a single mom afford it. Everyone will be laughing at me if I don’t get there. I almost gave up but I didn’t so I went to Amsterdam and Las Vegas. Met amazing people and was so happy that I really went. If you want to go somewhere you really can do it. If you want to do something you will find a way. If you don’t want to of course you will find all kinds of excuses, I was the master at it.

Starting my own business.

That was also impossible. Hmm starting to get why they say impossible means I’m possible. Maybe you see the pattern here. I used to be more negative than I actually thought being around the wrong people. Now I have my own business. And when did that happen? Just like the other things it happened when I surrounded myself with the right people. So look around you, think about the 5 closest people you surround yourself with. They are the ones you will be like. If you don’t like it, then you probably are around the wrong kind of people. I know I was and it was very toxic. I don’t even want to imagine where I would be now if I continued the same pattern. Being the “psychologist” to people who needed to complain.

Most importantly my son

When I started changing my life I also changed my sons life. So much so that he is actually having an account on Instagram wanting to inspire people to be positive. Yes, you can imagine how proud I am. He doesn’t let bad things get to him like he used to. Even at school they have noticed a big difference. Your kids don’t listen to what you say, they do what you do. And if you let people walk all over you, so will they. If you surround yourself with good people they will probably do the same. Even if it means making hard decisions and end relationships you had for years.  You deserve to be happy and successful. So let’s make 2018 amazing and go and create that vision board right now.

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