The Power of Ideas

Ideas are among the most powerful things in the universe due to their ability to change reality.

Ideas spring from rational thought, so in order to understand ideation we have to understand intelligence.

Our capacity for rational thought came about as a response to environmental changes. We increased our cranial capacity due to various adaptations to these changes. We eventually reached a point where we were able to observe and change the physical world through ideation, everything we see around us today is a result of that process. Because of this, ideas and intelligence are interchangeable concepts. Ideation has several specific powers, including:

o The ability to dissolve barriers and connect disparate concepts

o Question norms and challenge and change paradigms

o Being an infinite resource for creation and progress

Generating Ideas

✓ Creativity and ideation are two closely intertwined concepts that depend on each other to succeed

✓ The brain weeds out useless information through the process of attention focus

✓ Idea generation becomes more pronounced when attention is not focused on a specific task

✓ Think about ideas not as bolts of lightning, but rather as buckets of inspiration gathered from a deep well

✓ You need to work for great ideas, but if you’re willing to work you will be rewarded

✓ Some techniques that can help you work more productively towards idea generation include:

o Opening your mind to non-routine pathways

o Realizing the creativity doesn’t follow your personal schedule

o Showering creates a brain state that opens you up to creativity

o Napping creates a brain state that open you up to creativity

o Digging through the trash of bad ideas to find the gold of good ideas

o If your idea solves your problem, you’re onto something

o Ideas are fleeting, be prepared to set them down

o Life experience is essential to game changing idea production

What Now?

✓ Once you have that great, game changing idea, the work has just begun

✓ You need to share your idea within your community, growing that community as more people are converted to the viability of the idea

✓ As the parent of the idea, it is your responsibility to get the word out about your “A-ha!” moment

✓ Some of the ways to do this include:

o Believing in yourself and your idea

o Learning to accept the inherent risks involved in bring an idea to fruition

o Understanding that there is a difference between ideation and execution

o Always striving to improve upon your idea

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