From Bad to Great

I was talking to a woman today about how the year started. For me it wasn’t the best start that I had because a lot of things happened. My car broke down was one thing and I was feeling a bit guilty almost because I had to borrow my brothers car and had to ride with them to work etc. That wasn’t the only thing, it was small things that felt like A LOT. She also mentioned that her year started bad as well with a few sad things that happened. But both of us agreed that this year might have started bad but will become GREAT! Again, its mindset. Take my car for example. I think that the only reason it broke down was because it made me do something about it. On my vision board I had a picture of a new car. I have always seen myself going to my new car. I saw the color and what it looked like on the inside. And on Friday I’m getting my new car. If it wasn’t for my old car I would have still been driving it. Then I had a talk with a woman at work, we talked about vision boards. When you make them you have to be very specific. You know the saying, be careful what you wish for? Mmhmm it’s true. Now I know that the first woman I mentioned haven’t done a vision board but for me who made one can see the power of a vision board. My colleague at work made one about travel and now she gets offers from people who wants to go somewhere with her.

So how do you turn things from good to bad?

You change how you think. Everything comes back to how you see things. Ask yourself what you can learn from the situation? What can you take with you? What can you do differently? Is it easy? No of course not, it’s a skill that you have to practice. You have to teach your brain to turn bad things into good. Again, take my car. When I noticed what happened, I did start crying. I went into my bedroom, sat on the bed and started crying feeling like everything was over. Until I looked up and saw my vision board. Then it hit me. Why be sad when things are going just the way I want it to go? I wanted a new car, right? So my old car decided it was time 😉 So as you can tell we all have those bad days. It’s just how we deal with it that matters. Start seeing the good things that happens during your day. Laugh about the crazy things that happens around you. I started laughing after I cried because I saw it as my car saying Good Bye to me and to get me to see it he had to break down.

Small things that can help

What has helped me is The Magic a book that help you change your life in 28 days. It takes about 28 days to make things a habit. So what is better than actually do something small every day to get you thinking in a different way and change your life. I’m also doing some meditation. Have to admit that I should do it more often but when I do it really helps. If you’re not used to meditation you can always read more about it. For example you have this Meditation for beginners or simply download an app that can help you get started. So small things can help you change your life from bad to great. It sure helped me and on Friday I have my new car. Oh and my old car, someone fixed it for me and I will sell it 🙂 So he is living on for a little bit longer.

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