The Truth Is Out There

I’m so fascinated about how people hide behind words and excuses. That it can be so hard to admit if you have done something wrong or if you simply don’t like someone.

Thinking about the people I met over the years and all the excuses I heard I feel that it’s pretty crazy. What a great world we would live in if we were just being honest, and even being honest with ourselves.

Take my brother for example who were attacked with words from a man who was to scared to be honest that he made up something that wasn’t even close to the truth. What will people think when they discover the truth? Did he even think about that before he opened his mouth? Isn’t that more worse then just being honest?

I also know someone who rather blame you for everything than admitting that he is wrong or that he just simply don’t want to be with you. That’s also another thing, you can show him over and over again that you discovered the truth and that he lied. The reaction is, more lies. This time against you. Trying to twist your head so you are starting to think something might be wrong with you.

White lies I do understand. They are not so serious. Like I lied to my son when I bought him a gift and he almost saw it and I had to hurry hiding it. After seeing the look on my face he knew that I was hiding something. I’m telling you, it’s not easy living in an apartment trying to hide gifts. Then you have to be ready with those white lies.

But back to the big lies. How come some people just don’t get that you will one day get caught. Someone will eventually understand that you lied. That is what fascinates me. If I have made a mistake I’m telling the truth. Like at work, instead of saying I DON’T KNOW if I’m getting asked about a mistake I did I’m saying, you know what.. Yes, I did it. That way I know that people will trust me.

So with this blog post I want to say, don’t lie. Even if you might hurt someone for a little while they will appreciate your honesty. You will respect yourself even more if you’re just telling the truth. Everything is about how you say things. You can say something bad in a good way and you can say something great in a bad way. Being honest doesn’t have to be you being mean in any way. One more good thing about being honest is, everything gets less complicated. Because you don’t have to remember every lie you told.

Remember, the truth is out there. It will always show up sooner or later.

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