TLC Goes A Long Way

This weekend was pretty amazing in so many ways. I learned a lot and yet not that much. But what I did learn is that listening and to show that you care can make someone else so happy that you’re helping them fulfilling their dream.

Just because someone is different doesn’t mean that they are different on the inside. The sad part is that most people think they are different and don’t want to see them because it is so uncomfortable. But if you see the person within, you will learn a lot. About them and about yourself.

I also noticed one more thing that was pretty amazing. If you want answers, be open and see the answers because they are right there in front of you if you just want to see them. I got like small messages the entire day yesterday. And the messages I got was answers to some questions I been asking myself. One thing was about something I always been thinking about doing. Suddenly a woman started talking about just that. And I been thinking about buying something for some time but not sure if I should. And there she was another woman talking about just that. And one had a tattoo saying “If you can dream it, You can do it”. And mhmm that was exactly what I needed to hear. So if you need answers, say it out loud and then let it go. You will get answers if you are ready for them.

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