A Journey Begins

So I have decided that I will focus for one month on health and beauty. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle but the last year I have been cheating a lot on myself. I know exactly what to do and what I shouldn’t do. And as I mentioned most of the time I eat healthy but lately I been eating things that isn’t good for my body. And I’m a health coach so I should know better, right?

I was thinking that if I’m blogging about it, it will also be a challenge for me because now I have to do it. Being healthy is pretty easy it’s just that you have to make up your mind and actually change the way you think. You’re not rude for saying now to that cake. And you don’t have to make things so complicated. No white sugar, no white flour and that will take you a long way. You can eat sweet snacks that are healthy. Even though if you are addicted to sugar you should stay away from everything sweet because it can trigger that sugar addiction. I made raw chocolate brownies the other day and that was perfect to take with a cup of coffee.

Health is my passion. I just love to find recipes or get ideas about food that is healthy and that is super good. It’s just that when you’re on a go and you have to get something to eat fast it can be kind of tricky. The thing is to make sure you don’t have to get something really quick. And if you do, you have something with you that can stop the hunger. Pretty easy, right? I know and still I fell for it. And it turned into a snowball effect.

SO health it is and that’s what I will be writing about for a few weeks. Health on the inside and health on the outside.

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