A bump on the road

So this Monday I was going to start my journey by eating clean and start working out more. But I got a cold instead. Does that have to stop me from starting my journey? Of course not, I still have to eat even though I can’t workout at the moment. I truly believe that you will recover from a cold a lot better when you think about what you eat. I remember before when I got a cold I was always eating a lot of chocolate. Laying on the sofa feeling SO sorry for myself eating chocolate and drinking soda. But you can still eat chocolate though. I made raw chocolate balls this weekend. So I still got my chocolate WOO HOOO. It was made of avocado, dark melted chocolate and cocoa powder.

What I also do is that I’m making sure I’m getting a lot of C-vitamin. And every morning having a glass of water with a drop of lemon and ginger oil. But you have to think about WHAT essential oil you are using because not everyone is clean enough to drink. I also make sure to drink a lot of water. So yes, maybe I got a cold but it doesn’t stop me from being healthy.

The problem being sick is that it is so easy to turn to things that has a lot of sugar in it. It’s easy to have a little snack like cookies and sweets because you’re bored. Oh ice cream because your throat is soar. That can easily be me I’m talking about. But yesterday I turned to celery, that was something that saved me. If you still want ice cream you can make it of frozen banana and add a flavor that you like.

So there are so many things you can still do even though you’re sick. Rest a lot, drink a lot of water and stay healthy. That’s how I will be spending my day today. My journey will continue.

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