A new world

I have always been interested in healthy products and felt that I knew about the new things before a lot of other people did. But since I have been on the lazy side for the last year it’s like I’m entering a whole new world. And I love it. For example, there is so many kinds of butter you can get that is actually good for you. Like I tried the Hemp Seed Butter. Have you tried it? It’s so good. First of all, no you’re not getting high on the butter. The funny thing is that when I have mentioned it people have been like…eeehhmmm really???? So no, I’m sorry you don’t get high. But you get a lot of healthy benefits instead. Its rich in GLA. That is an omega-6 fatty acid. Do you know that the human brain is nearly 60 percent fat? So GLA and other omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids are  essential for normal brain function and behavior.

The butter can make you feel full a bit longer. So it can promote a weight loss. I tried it the other day when I was eating celery. And it tasted so good and it took awhile before I started to get hungry after that. Hemp seed is also a great protein because it also has the nine essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce.

So my journey towards a better health continue. Did take a walk today and I’m feeling better after my cold so soon I can be on my spinning bike again woo hooo.

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