Visualize Your Goals

When people visualize anything, it makes it much more likely for them to make it a reality. They see the vision in their heads and then take steps to make it happen

Feeling Great And Continue Doing So

I've been doing my morning yoga every day and trying to do a good workout as much as I can. But my biggest focus has been on eating clean, staying away from sugar. I can now say that I feel a difference. Feel more awake, more clear and more focused. You can't help but loving that feeling. 

Harmoni och välmående

Så många är så arga och stressade idag. Jag har själv varit där då jag varit lätt irriterad och bara känt frustration emellanåt. Det är inte en rolig känsla. Var med om en sak igår som skulle ha gjort mig helt galen för några år sedan. Jag skulle svänga ut från en parkering men en kvinna i en STOR bil ville att jag istället skulle backa och flytta på mig. Och innan dess ville en annan kvinna det också. Jag blev helt klart irriterad men hade det hänt för några år sedan så hade jag exploderat av ilska och gått och ältat det hur länge som helst.

Yoga and my mindset

I went to a yoga class last night. And after that class I started thinking about yoga and what it has done to me. As I mentioned before I started to have morning yoga as a routine. And I have now done  it for two weeks. So what has happened to my body after I started doing my yoga?

Learning How To Say No

On my health journey I'm also thinking about the mental health. That's why I have started my morning yoga routine. Hmm well soon it will be a routine, not really there yet since I started doing it this week. Have you thought about how hard it is to say no?