Feeling Great And Continue Doing So

Yeap, I’m still here. Still ALIVE!

On my journey towards a better health I seem to forget to take care of my blog. I have an idea what to write about but start doing something else and its gone. BUT now I’m here.

I’ve been doing my morning yoga every day and trying to do a good workout as much as I can. But my biggest focus has been on eating clean, staying away from sugar. I can now say that I feel a difference. Feel more awake, more clear and more focused. You can’t help but loving that feeling.

Good thing is that if you stay away from sugar for a week or two  you don’t miss it. When I see a cake now I’m not that interested. But if I had it in front of me a month ago I would have been all over it. So yes you can tell a difference in how I feel.

I was a bit worried though the other night that I was about to get the stomach flu. I started feeling ill, and woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach ace. Had to rush to the bathroom, pretty sure that I would have to stay there. So what I did was I took some PEPPERMINT and rubbed it on my stomach where it was hurting and OREGANO one drop under each foot. I also used DIGESTZEN and I went to bed. When I woke up this morning I felt AWESOME and started my day with some yoga and acai bowl. If you haven’t tried it you just have to. It was SO good!!! So my journey continues and I could do my workout when I got home. So I’m so happy tonight. If you click on the links you will see more information about the oils. You can contact me and you can get them here

My Journey continues

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