Showing emotions

Today I was thinking about feelings and showing emotions. How hard it can be to show how you really feel. I met a young woman today who was about to have a panic attack. She came up to me and whispered that she is about to have an attack. So I took her to a place where she could sit by herself and did the best I could to help her. It went well and she came to me later to let me know that she was still okay. I was so happy to hear that. But what hit me was, that a lot of us wouldn’t be as strong as she was. She was so strong and went to someone to get help. That is being super strong if you actually do that. To acknowledge to yourself that something is wrong, or something is happening to me instead of not wanting to see it and actually ask for help that is something we all should do. It’s not easy though, I get that because I’m one of those who isn’t that strong. I can have big problems when it comes to asking for help. But I’m learning.

Sometimes you can show too much. For example, I just heard about someone who thought that I was mad at him or something. The funny thing is, I was thinking the same. So when I saw him, that’s what I was thinking. Now there is a lot of history behind it all so there is a reason why we both would think that. But that was just it, THOUGHTS. And again THOUGHTS creates FEELINGS. Because he did something that I thought was so nice so I had to go up to him when I saw him to say thank you. I told him that he is an amazing person and that I’m so grateful about what he did and I just wanted to let him now that. Now I understand his reaction after I heard what he thought. He smiled and was so happy to hear it. Think about if we haven’t said anything to each other and just continued walking around thinking we are both mad. We live in a small town so we would probably meet from time to time. Wouldn’t that be sad? So if you see someone look at you in a strange way, or you think they look at you only to judge you please think again. Because what it all comes down to is that your thoughts creates your feelings.

So smile and don’t forget you are amazing just the way you are.

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