I’m so excited

I don’t know how to begin, so much has happened the last few weeks. So many possibilities so many dreams are about to come true. That’s how it feels right now writing this. And it’s all because of one word MINDSET!

I know you read a lot about it when I’m writing and you will read it even more because I can’t say enough how important it is how you see things. Your choice is to see everything in a bad way or a good way. You know the saying everything happens for a reason? I’m starting to understand that it’s true.

I got a bill sent to me that was pretty much and it was wrong. I got pretty upset at first, calling the company who sent it. They didn’t answer, so I had to wait. That was the good thing, and I was happy that the woman there didn’t answer because it gave me time to think. I called again, and we started talking about the bill. It was all a misunderstanding,  she and her colleague went to all sorts of trouble to sort it out. And it ended up with the man calling me saying you know what, you don’t have to pay anything. After all the trouble you been through, we give you this for free. Thanks to her not answering when I was upset, I had time to think and talk to her in a calm way explaining to her why I thought the bill they sent was wrong. So this is just one example of what happened that shows you that mindset is important.

Next thing is, I have this amazing person in my life that I just started talking to and now she is the one offering me something I have dreamed about but been to scared to think it would be real. But having it on my vision board it will come true. That is something I will reveal later when everything around it is done. She thought of me thanks to our conversations and now I’m making a dream come true.

I’m also getting in good shape again, that is my journey that you can see if you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook. My journey to a better health inside and out. So that’s very positive. I’m taking my morning walks and have done so now for a few weeks. This morning my morning walk was magic. I was in another world, not joking it was another world. I was looking at everything around me appreciating what I saw. The birds in the sky, the beautiful clouds. The nice smile I got from someone I passed. The sun going up so it gave me this beautiful light. I felt completely free, with nice music in my ears and beautiful nature around me.

So by telling you a little about what happened I’m hoping to inspire someone to change the mindset and see things in a more positive way.  I have gone from having almost nothing, having dreams that didn’t come true. Feeling like I’m not worthy of anything because I wasn’t good enough. Being around people who was partying a lot and just complaining about life without doing anything about it. People blaming everyone for anything. And I went to having an amazing life, great health, amazing people around me that also wants more in life. Right now I’m high on life and hope you will be too.


My journey continues

5 thoughts on “I’m so excited

  1. Razia Karim

    I’m glad everything is working out for you! Recently I started working on myself and through my writing I started to feel more grateful for everything. The complaining and constant complaints I had were just so trivial. I really enjoyed reading your post. I hope to read more about your journey. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. So glad to hear you liked my post 🙏🏻 Yes its so easy to get caught up in the negative thats why its so important to get reminded every day about all the amazing things we do have around us 🙏🏻


  2. Itotally agree with you, changing our mindset is the key, I was having a conversation with my husband about that this very Morning. But I can see it’s really hard for some people. How did you shift your mindset? Personally I have Always had a positive setting 😉 so, I can’t really explain how to operate the change, I know how to keep it going though, which is a lot already! Glad I found you blog, and hapy that you enjoy your life more and more Everyday.


    1. Thank you 😊 I have also always been on the more positive side. Smiling and laughing a lot. But didnt get anywhere. Had bad luck with men, felt as if I just have to settle. But it all started to change when I started reading The Secret. 🙏🏻 I started to understand my thoughts and mindset better. And when I started to understand that what ai was thinking was holding me back I started to work on that. Reading The Magic so I could work with myself and then listening to Brooke Castillo and actually ending it with people who wasnt good for me.
      So now I know thoughts creates feelings. If Im feeling happy I pay attention to my thoughts. If Im upset I pay attention to what Im thinking. And that had changed things A LOT. 😄 So still happy and laughing a lot but now Im Jill 2.0 😄
      So glad you like my blog and I will soon start posting again 🙏🏻 And again Thank You.


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