Take Your Overall Health to the Next Level

I’ve heard so many people around me complaining about how tired they are and how stressed they are. But if you’re tired and stressed, do you do anything about it? One told me that she was tired because she has to sleep during the day and be up late at night. Do you really have to? There is a lot you can do if you feel that something is wrong. First of all, let’s make this clear. You don’t get all the nutrients that you need by just eating food, you have to eat supplements. Unfortunately, food doesn’t have as many nutrients today as it had before. Fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals. Not saying that you should stop eating healthy now but it’s a good idea to also take good supplements.

Sleep is also another thing if you don’t get much sleep you will feel tired. Sleep does so much for your body. Sleep does affect your health AND your mood. That also means that sleep can make you feel less stressed.

Cut down on sugar. Sugar isn’t necessary. Sugar is one thing that can make you feel more tired.

I always have my essential oils with me where ever I go. Instead of taking pills I use them. We take pills so easily today and it’s not expensive, at least not here. So of course taking pills is so easy. But think of all the unnecessary chemicals you put in your body. If I have a headache I can use peppermint and lavender. Or why not PastTense. If I have an upset stomach I might as well use, oregano, peppermint, or why not digestzen. That is natural and from mother earth.

So take your health to the next level, try to think about what it is you do that doesn’t make you feel great. Also, one thing is, think about the people you surround yourself with. That can also affect your health. Look at the 5 closest people you have around you. You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you.

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Until next time, have an amazing day.

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