Want Focus Now

I have a hard time to focus on one thing. I’m the one who wants everything to be done yesterday and it’s pretty hard to change that mindset. Since I’m doing so I’m losing my focus. What is important right now? That’s what I should be asking myself. What do I have to have done in a week? Month? Where do I want to be next year? Note to myself, start using the calendar!

If someone has something interesting to say, I stop. I listen, thinking about what they are offering me and just stop what I’m doing. My problem is to say no. What if that other person has something that I would love? What if I’m missing something?


That’s what I’m looking for right now. No distractions. Just focus. Work on my business and not feeling that I have to listen to what everyone else is doing. I have to live in the moment and be here. Looking straight ahead and focusing on my goals.

I have come a pretty long way for being me. And I want to continue this journey, so I’m going to press RESTART and focus on my goals. Learn to say no more often and stop doing things to please everyone else. Because that’s a problem I have, I don’t want to hurt anyone. I want to help everyone. But by thinking that way I’m hurting myself.

My next step is to do Facebook Live. But not sure how or what to say, but I have to start sometime. Once again, I’m looking around and listening to everyone else thinking about how good they are. What can someone like me talk about? But I have to start somewhere.

So next step focus, learn how to say no and stop looking at what other people do and instead do what I enjoy doing.

My Journey Continues.

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