Feeling Like A Million Dollar

You know that feeling when you feel super happy for no reason. You are out for a walk and start to smile because you feel so grateful. That’s been my last few weeks. Okay, not saying I’ve been happy all the time. I am human. Even though I’m broke at the moment, hmm or okay not broke like the way I used to be broke BUT not having the best month I’m feeling truly happy. The reason why it’s a “bad” month is that I’m going to Stockholm in December and will go to Axelsons. So I know why and I’m so happy that I’m getting the chance to go. I’m going to learn how to do lymph massage. So I have a plan and I have a goal. It feels as if everything is just working out. I got a place to stay in Stockholm so I don’t have to worry about that and I have paid for the course so I’m good to go.

A dear friend told me, Jill have you noticed how far you got? And its true, I have. I told my son the other day that its thanks to him. If it wasn’t for him I would probably still be with the people I used to hang out with and feel sorry for myself. Drinking and wishing there was something better. My son got me to grow up, for real. I knew that the only thing that could make things better for us was for me to step up and find a way. And so I did. Is everything happy happy happy now? Of course not, I have my ups and downs. If someone tells you that they are always happy they are not human. It’s how you deal with it though. We are meant to cry and to laugh. But we have to understand how to deal with it and accept it. Then we will be happy. That’s mental health.

My Journey Continues.

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